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Outdoor sports enthusiasts not only got to see performances but also got some firsthand experience of outdoor sports events during the 2020 International Outdoor Documentary Film Festival of China (OUTDOCS) in Foshan between December 4th and 6th.


Accompanied by the sound of violin, piano, and sheng, a concert highlighting intangible cultural heritages was held on the evening of December 4th at the Liangyuan Garden in Foshan, one of the four iconic Lingnan gardens in Guangdong.



  • Harmony and stability are in HK people’s best interests

    Social harmony and stability have been crucial to sustaining social development and economic vitality in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), and is also within the fundamental interests of HKSAR.

  • Foreign firms "fleeing China" prove a false picture

    For those that constantly paint a picture of foreign firms pulling out of China, it is time to face an inconvenient truth. China was the largest recipient of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the first half of 2018, according to the UNCTAD.

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On November 22, the Green Finance Summit, a parallel forum of the 17th IFF Global Annual Conference (F20 Summit), was held in Nansha, Guangzhou. The theme of the summit was "Global Green Finance: Practice and Innovation".



Key points in the 2020 work-plan for Guangdong-Hong Kong cooperation

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China's foreign exchange reserves reached $3.179 trillion by the end of November, the highest level since August 2016.



It is hoped that all parties will join hands in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting recovery and development, and enhancing pragmatic cooperation in such fields as governance, culture, sports, art, film and youth.


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(^ω^)MG森巴宾果_官方版 网赌高频彩票输惨了经历 彩票停售什么时候开始 mg冰球突破赢钱技巧 出款安全的彩票平台 (★^O^★)MG罗马与荣耀_破解版下载 公式规律三头数中特 (★^O^★)MG进击的猿人在线客服 (★^O^★)MG法老王的秘密巨额大奖视频 (*^▽^*)MG船长的宝藏游戏说明 安徽快3万能 (★^O^★)MG森林之王试玩 哪些是正规彩票平台 深圳风采35选7走势图 (★^O^★)MG水果大战客户端下载 p3开机号近100期号码查询